1)    Print or electronic republication by accredited news organizations in print or electronic news periodicals is permitted conditioned that appropriate attribution is given to the original YIMBY source page and a link to the Site is included upon republication;

a.    The link must include the URL that appears when you view the source article on the Site;
b.    Such attribution must be in-line with text and above the fold in any place YIMBY Content appears;
c.    Such attribution must be clear and conspicuous, and not hidden within a footnote;
d.    Permissible republication of YIMBY Content or YIMBY owned images in any derivative works may not be altered;
e.    Visual watermarks on an image may not be altered by cropping or removing such watermarks;
f.    You may summarize YIMBY Content and reproduce YIMBY headlines subject to the other conditions described herein;
g.    Any use of YIMBY Content must include an appropriate copyright notice in YIMBY’s name;
h.    The permission described herein does not extend to any articles, photographs or other content published on the Site which are credited to a source other than YIMBY;
i.    YIMBY may terminate or revoke the permission described herein if you violate any of the terms or conditions described herein or otherwise at YIMBY’s absolute discretion.

2)    Broadcast Television republication is permissible provided on-screen graphic attribution is included as follows –“Source: San Francisco YIMBY”;

3)    The following are examples of proper San Francisco YIMBY attribution:

Sample Online Image / Photo / Illustration / Video / Audio Attribution
© San Francisco YIMBY.  “Name of Source Article Here”  Used by permission.

Sample Online Text Attribution
As first reported by San Francisco YIMBY, this building is being erected on the vacant lot.

Sample Broadcast Television Attribution
Source: San Francisco YIMBY