New Plans Under Review For California College of the Arts at 5200 Broadway, Oakland

CCA Oakland West ElevationCCA Oakland West Elevation via SCB Architects

Conceptual and architectural plans are under review for new buildings at the California College of the Arts (CCA) Oakland campus at 5200 Broadway, Oakland. The project proposal includes the demolition of ten buildings and the construction of two new buildings along with other campus facilities. The proposal also includes changes in the landscaped areas on campus. CCA is the property owner. Solomon Cordwell Buenz Architects and Jensen Architects have teamed to draft the conceptual plans, design and are responsible for the construction.

CCA Oakland Site Plan

CCA Oakland Site Plan via SCB Architects

The proposed development is planned for two parcels; the main campus and a residence hall, Clifton Hall. The new development includes two eight-story buildings with 462 residential units. 10% of the total units will be offered at affordable prices. The project also includes 6,310 square feet of cafe and retail space. 261 vehicular parking spaces and 462 bicycle parking spaces are planned. 1.85 acres of private open space is also included in the campus remodel plan. An alternate potential design variant could provide an additional 126 housing units in a tower building form for 588 units.

CCA Oakland Level 1

CCA Oakland Level 1 via SCB Architects

The project is located on a 4.2-acre site in the Rockridge neighborhood of Oakland. Students are approximately half-a-mile away from Rockridge BART station and approximately 2 miles from Highway 13. CCA runs a campus-shuttle for students that connects both Oakland and San Francisco campuses.

CCA Oakland Level 2

CCA Oakland Level 2 via SCB Architects

The Committee will proceed with The General Plan Amendment, Rezone, Planned Unit Development, Tree Permits, and Design Review on Wednesday, March 24th, 2021.

California College of the Arts has another campus on 8th Street, San Francisco. The art school has been actively focused on campus expansion, with a new residence hall opened for its students in Fall 2020.

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8 Comments on "New Plans Under Review For California College of the Arts at 5200 Broadway, Oakland"

  1. to be clear, I believe what is happening is that the Oakland CCA campus is being closed, consolidated with the SF campus (which will be expanded), and this project then converts the Oakland site to housing.



    • Timbad,
      That’s what I’ve been hearing as well.
      Having 2 campuses on each side of the Bay is difficult for staff and students. I would not like to have to teach or attend classes on both on the same day – commuting nightmare.

  2. Really, really sorry that the mid-rise was dropped. It’s a couple blocks to BART but the nimby Rockridge crowd was out in force.

  3. Sherri Rahmani | May 24, 2022 at 8:55 pm | Reply

    I’m an alumni graduate student of year 1982. I’m truly saddened by closing down the campus. This beautiful lively community of the young artists.

  4. As alumni and a former lover of this Oakland campus which was a refuge for Artist I have only this to say. I The institution I attended when the SF campus was new and I loathed having to attend this soul less box surrounded by freeways and urban blight. The neighborhood was scary and has the aesthetic of a toilet. The vibe in San Francisco was completely different than Oakland. A betray of the founding principals of preserving the craft movement to one of prostituting the movement to the lowest common denominator. The Factory Education in san Fran was a rude farce encouraging the worst shallow commercialism with its soul less industrial corporate stink. Greed is actively worshipped in the bay Area. Everything is subsumed under the need for more. This Mental illness has no boundaries. One only has to witness the changes in the Bay are in the last 20 years to see this . The mentally unhealthy are usually ostracized and shunned especially in the Bay Are but if greed is the motivator no meds are prescribed. The Patient is encouraged to indulge. It is a metaphor for how the world at large is run. I desperately hope the patient can see clear to a cure. It is very sad this institution has fallen victim to The fever dreams of crass money grabbing housing exploitation of the students and their parents. I for one would not recommend The college as it has clearly been Absconded by narrowly focused money grabbers posing as high ranking art officials. Greed masters who care noting for the arts.

  5. I attended CCAC back in 74-76. I loved the Oakland campus and am grateful I went there as opposed to San Francisco back in the day. So sorry this place of tranquility is gone now. I used to love walking down Broadway from my $120 a month apt down on 40th St. So what if I’m living in the past. RIP Oakland CCAC

  6. I remember back in 1974 when I was 20 and I first went to CCAC the first thing I saw was the girls suntanning topless on the front lawn. I thought…”This is the place for me!” Very happy kid.

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