SB9-Boosted Plans for 201 Gellert Drive in Lakeshore, San Francisco

201 Gellert Drive201 Gellert Drive via KP Architects

Plans for two new homes have been filed for 201 Gellert Drive in Lakeshore, San Francisco. The project proposal includes the subdivision of the property site into two lots and the construction of a three-story single-family home for each lot. Plans call to replace vacant land between Gellert Drive and Lake Merced Boulevard.

James Keith is listed as the property owner. Kotas/Pantaleoni Architects, a San Francisco-based office founded in 1981, will be responsible for the design.

201 Gellert Drive, image via Google Street View

201 Gellert Drive, image via Google Street View

The application has been made possible with the recent enactment of Senate Bill 9, a law that came into effect at the start of this year. SB 9 allows homeowners in most areas of the state to split their property in two and legalizes duplexes on both lots, quadrupling the possible density.

The project will rise 35 feet high, roughly equivalent to several existing buildings in the immediate vicinity. Each building comes with a unique footprint, a garage, and four bedrooms. The triangular structure on the southern lot will yield 2,830 square feet, with a 452 square foot garage at the ground level.

While 201 Gellert Drive will only build two units instead of four, it shows that the law is effective at increasing residential density.

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16 Comments on "SB9-Boosted Plans for 201 Gellert Drive in Lakeshore, San Francisco"

  1. This seems like a fine place to put some more unit density. These are large single family homes.

  2. Since the units are right across the street from MUNI, see your picture, why not make another small but affordable unit at street level?

  3. Let’s build on more green space! There’s a lot more around Lake Merced, and a fairly wide median strip on Sunset. Heck, the green belt on either side of Sunset is even wider. Let’s build there!

  4. Sickening.

  5. I hear a lot of whining about building in the green space. This is not now nor has it ever been greenspace. These privately owned lots were created in the original Lakeshore subdivision but held vacant until now. The SFDPW property (Sunset Blvd) and the adjacent 614 acres of green space provide nearby residents abundant open space, far more than most sf residents can enjoy. Building 4 homes on vacant land zoned for single family homes is hardly an outrage.

  6. sebastian vera | August 25, 2023 at 3:31 pm | Reply

    Let’s close the golf courses and use that land for something useful. We could probably use a little land for some nice homes inside Golden Gate Park.

    I’m kidding. But this is exactly what could happen if we don’t watch out.

    I feel terrible for the homeowners across the street who have lost any view they ever had. What a slap in the face. There wasn’t any better option?

    This is disgusting and proper cringe.


  8. Nice location. Saw 3 car accidents right in YOUR NEW BACKYARD! Have fun with that! Eyesore.

  9. Born and raised in this neighborhood I never thought I would see a house being built on this site. You might as well build homes on TOP OF THE GREAT HIGHWAY! more unaffordable homes in SF… what a new concept. Thanks!

  10. Stupid people !!!
    We don’t need more housing and create more density and stay out of Golden Gate Park, and go back from where you came from Idiot !!!!

  11. Christopher Bolander | October 14, 2023 at 11:11 pm | Reply

    MUNI actually isn’t very convenient here – the 2 nearest stops are each 2000ft away. Also, tons of traffic means high particulate matter count. I’d pass even if could afford these.

  12. indiscriminate housing will create urban sprawl and decay. affordable housing is a right. no doubt. but so is livable space. everything in life has a flow and equilibrium. you cant just push in and cram people and housing. a prison cell is housing but pretty sure very few would want to live in it.

  13. I just drove by there. Awesome looking property! Its really coming together. The views must be magnificent. If I could afford it, I would definitely look to live here!

  14. Interesting how so many people do not understand how city planning works. The “green space” is/was actually undeveloped PRIVATE property. The homeowners across the street should have already known this when they bought their homes. The Great Highway, Sunset Blvd and Golden Gate Park are PUBLIC properties that may be used only as the City Charter and Codes allows. PUBLIC properties are not subject to PRIVATE development.

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