Plans for Townhomes at 865 Blossom Hill Road, San Jose

865 Blossom Hill Road, image via Google Satellite865 Blossom Hill Road, image via Google Satellite

New plans have been filed to convert the Santa Teresa Main Street shopping center with townhomes at 865 Blossom Hill Road in San Jose, Santa Clara County. The plan will create 172 residences, most of which will be townhomes. Terracommercial Real Estate Corp is listed as the project developer.

Anderson Architects is responsible for the design. The firm has been responsible for drafting several as-yet unbuilt towers in Downtown San Jose as covered by YIMBY. Illustrations have yet to be revealed for the project plans. The proposal was first reported by George Avalos for the Bay Area News Group, writing that “this residential project could contribute to what is a shifting scene on this stretch of Blossom Hill Road in San Jose.” Construction is underway for the seven-story apartment complex at 1007 Blossom Hill Road, and plans are underway for a 328-unit development next to the VTA light rail station at 605 Blossom Hill Road.

The project application specifies that the new housing will create 137 townhomes alongside 35 additional dwelling units. The developer uses Senate Bill 330 to expedite the approval process, requiring that a certain quantity of the units be designated as affordable. Further details remain scarce about the plan, which spans over six acres.

865 Blossom Hill Road, image via Google Street View

865 Blossom Hill Road, image via Google Street View

The shopping center is located at the corner of Blossom Hill Road and Santa Teresa Boulevard. The intersection is surrounded by two more strip malls and the Westfield Oakridge shopping mall. It is not specified if demolition will be required for the existing structure or if the housing will replace the associated surface parking, though it is likely.

The estimated cost and timeline for construction have yet to be established. The project team has yet to reply to a request for comment.

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4 Comments on "Plans for Townhomes at 865 Blossom Hill Road, San Jose"

  1. At this location the development should be taller and denser. SJ needs to learn to optimize land use to better deal with the ongoing need for housing. With Oakridge Mall right across the street as well as numerous other retail options, direct access to routes 87 and 85 and walking distrance to VTA lightrail, people looking for housing will find this area very desirable.

    • Where would all those people park so they could sit in traffic on Santa Teresa in order to access 85 or the always packed 87 freeway? Have you tried walking to the lightrail station in 90 degree heat or during rain?

  2. Slight correction: the Santa Teresa Main Street shopping center is across the street, the SE corner of Santa Teresa/Blossom Hill. This proposal is for the NE corner.

  3. Builders remedy means lining the builders pockets. You’re from San Francisco, so just stay out of our city because obviously you dont know what the hell youre doing.

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