2000 Marin Street

2000 Marin Street aerial overview, illustration by SF Public Works

Construction In Fall for CDD Headquarters at 2000 Marin Street, San Francisco

Construction is expected to start by early Fall at 2000 Marin Street in San Francisco. The city’s Public Utilities Commission is planning to reshape the nearly eight-acre property with the City Distribution Division campus. The gated campus will oversee San Francisco’s water distribution systems within city limits, which span roughly 1,250 miles of water pipes, meters, pump stations, and reservoirs.

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Renderings Released for CDD HQ at 2000 Marin Street, Hunters Point, San Francisco

A recent Community Design review presentation has revealed renderings from a new CDD Headquarters for the SF Water Power and Sewer at 2000 Marin Street in Hunters Point, San Francisco. The area is comparatively underdeveloped, given its proximity to the Central Business District. While this project will do little to increase residential density, the new structures will help improve facilities for a department in charge of the city’s water supply.

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