Presidio Tunnel Tops

Presidio Tunnel Tops, image by Andrew Campbell Nelson

San Francisco Presidio Tunnel Tops Park Opening This Sunday

Presidio Tunnel Tops Park will open Sunday with performances, food vendors, talks, and public art. With its opening, San Francisco will get its newest waterfront park, spanning 14 acres and creating a comfortable pedestrian connection from the Main Parade Lawn to Crissy Field Beach. The day has been co-curated by the Partnership for the Presidio and community members.

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Presidio Tunnel Tops Aerial View

Presidio Tunnel Tops To Take Shape In The Presidio of San Francisco By Spring 2022

National Park Service, Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy, and The Presidio Trust have teamed up to develop a fourteen-acre recreational parkland atop highway tunnels offering stunning views of the Golden Gate Bridge, the Bay, Presidio, and the San Francisco skyline. The green space is a perfect chance for transforming highway infrastructure into a vibrant new public space for the Bay Area residents. James Corner Field Operations is the architecture design team involved in the project.

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