Biggest Little Permits of the Week: Facade Repair in SoMa, Treehouse planned in Palo Alto and More

San Francisco Skyline, image by Andrew Campbell NelsonSan Francisco Skyline, image by Andrew Campbell Nelson

This week, the biggest little permits include over sixty additional dwelling units, a 30,000 square foot new medical facility in Alameda, new monuments in Sacramento, and even a treehouse in Palo Alto. At this pace, over three thousand ADU’s would be produced within a year. Along with ADU’s, nineteen new single-family houses were applied for and thirty-four Tesla power walls across the counties. Perhaps the most surprising was a two-story additional dwelling unit in Palo Alto with an estimated construction price of nearly $1.4 million. If ever there was a point where an ADU became just another single-family house, this might be a contender.

625 Market Street

San Francisco

New Apartments/ADU Units: 11

Permits reveal that the 15-story 625 Market Street is planning repairs and renovations for the facade. This will include repairing stone elements, removing and reapplying paint along the curtain walls, and touching up the curb and railing for the penthouse. The overall purpose is for the preservation of the historic property dating to 1907. The building last sold in 2011 for $29 million.

Alexis Pelosi of Pelosi Law, no evident relation to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, filed for a project review meeting regarding a non-residential senior supportive use for an existing church facility at 250 Laguna Honda Boulevard, Forest Hill.

Permits have been filed for a two-story rear addition to 1365 York Street in the Mission District for an estimated cost of $150,000. AZ Design & Engineering is listed as responsible for the project. The project will yield just under 1,000 square feet, adding an extra bedroom on each floor.

New ADU’s are filed for 125 Mullen Avenue, 580 28th Avenue, 947 Page Street, 1014 Shotwell Street, and 1575 Washington Street, San Francisco. An ADU has been filed for 54 Sunview Drive, along the winding streets by Twin Peaks. Lastly, an ADU was filed for at 1114 Shotwell Street in the Mission.

Sirkin Law has filed permits to perform two-unit condominium conversations for two different structures. The first being 614-616 Carolina Street in Potrero Hill, the other at 46-48 Service Street, Cow Hollow.

Oakland and Alameda

Additional Dwelling Units: 10
Single Family Dwellings: 1

A design review was requested for a 30,000 square foot medical care facility at 1245 McKay, Alameda. The new building would include a primary care clinic, and 50 beds spread across a mix of patient rooms.

New building permits have been filed for a single-family residence at 933 Pine Street, Village Bottoms, Oakland. Collaborative Design Studio, Inc. is responsible for the design.

Permits have been filed for a new ADU addition at 3940 Gardenia Place in Millsmont, in the far-east of Oakland. An ADU recorded by Bay Area Community Land Trust at 1432 12th Avenue in East Peralta is paired with rehabilitating six existing residential units. Nondescript ADU additions have been filed for 600 Haddon, 961 10th Street, 1432 12th Avenue, 1633 64th Avenue, 3940 Gardenia Place, 4050 Sequoya Road, and 9416 Lawlor Street.

Permits have been filed to convert an existing basement into an ADU at 2104 Santa Clara Avenue, Alameda.

The Athenian School, image courtesy Google Satellite

Contra Costa County

Additional Dwelling Units: 2
Single Family Dwellings: 1

The Athenian School, a private school by Mount Diablo in Danville, has filed for temporary new classrooms to be set up in accordance with health orders for social distancing.

Permits have been filed to demolish a sports court and stable at 55 Amigo Lane, Walnut Creek.

Applications have been filed for a design review of a proposed single-family dwelling at 1540 Taylor Road in Bethel Island, Contra Costa County. The house will yield 1,428 square feet across two floors, a garage, storage. The project is replacing an empty lot.

A new 3,040 square foot single-family house with 460 square foot garage is planned for 83 Fairview Drive, Bay Point.

Demolition permits have been filed for a 2,990 square foot single-family dwelling at 4060 Los Arabis Drive, Lafayette.

Permits have been filed for a 440 square foot ADU above a detached garage at 21 Topper Court, Lafayette. Conversion of a garage to ADU is planned at 838 Camino Ricardo in Moraga.

Santa Clara County

Additional Dwelling Units: 13
Single Family Dwellings: 3

Partial demolition permits have been filed for the ground floor at a two-story commercial building at 425 El Camino Real, San Jose. The offices, Loyola Hall, are run by Santa Clara University, though Persian Investments is listed as responsible for this project.

Permits have been filed for a large 2,950 square foot single-family dwelling with a 360 square foot patio and 550 square foot garage at 15630 Longwood Drive, Los Gatos. The project has been approved for development.

In San Jose, a 720 square foot ADU with an attached 250 square foot garage is planned for 132 North Claremont Avenue. Acton Construction Inc filed for a 440 square foot ADU at 15123 Herring Avenue. 576 square foot ADU with a single bedroom and bathroom is expected at 2216 Serra Avenue. Owners at 14471 Chrisland plan to convert their garage into an ADU.

Demolition permits have been filed for a restaurant at 3438 El Camino Real, San Jose. The lot was last occupied by a Korean food restaurant, JuJu Bee. Rancho El Camino LP Kathy is listed as the primary name of the application.

Now, a lot is planned for Palo Alto. Five distinct ADUs have been filed, one yielding as much as 1,146 square feet for a cost of $1.38 million. Although, the most memorable is for adding a column and three beams to an already-approved treehouse. This week I’ve seen as more permits for tree houses as I have for new multi-family housing.

Permits have been filed to demolish an existing two-story home and replace it with another two-story home. The new project will yield 3,700 square feet, including a detached garage and 800 square foot ADU, at 1241 Dana Avenue, Palo Alto. A 2,033 square foot single-family house is being drafted for 1750 Emerson Street, Palo Alto.

Permits filed for a single-bedroom ADU at 1397 Blackfield Drive, yielding 427 square feet, and a two-story ADU at 4316 Fillmore Street, producing 1,066 square feet, Santa Clara. Two new ADUs are planned for the backyard of 1475 Las Palmas Drive, and 2216 Serra Avenue, Santa Clara.

Electrical permits have been filed for a Christmas tree lot located in the parking lot at 2435 Lafayette Street, Santa Clara.

San Mateo County

Additional Dwelling Units: 5
Garage-to-ADU permits have been filed for 655 14th Avenue in Menlo Park.

Fat Pen Studio filed garage-to-ADU Permits for 512 5th Street, Montara. The new residence will span 353 square feet, with one-bed, one-bath, and added laundry facilities. Similar ADU permits were filed for 2026 Sand Hill Road, Menlo Park. 931 Lakeview Way in Emerald Hills filed for a two-story ADU.

Permits have been filed to convert an accessory building into an ADU at 1846 Barton Street, Redwood.

The Greenbriar development layout

Sacramento County

Additional Dwelling Units: 15
Single Family Dwellings: 12

The Community monumentation Greenbriar development filed a permit for adding seven monuments across their grounds, as well as a 170 square foot detached trellis. The Greenbriar development is a mixed-use suburban sprawl neighborhood development over farmland, centered around a light rail station.

A new single-story Sonic restaurant is being planned for the vacant lot at 3801 Northgate Boulevard.

Plans for a 516-square foot ADU have been drafted for 2457 39th Avenue, replacing a family and a laundry room. Plans to create ADU’s from existing structures have been planned for 2212 Rene Avenue, 1841 44th Street, and 601 47th Street. Garage-to-ADU is scheduled at 1260 13th Avenue. Permits filed for two attached ADU’s at 608 S Street, and ADUs at 795 Dixieanne Avenue, 1750 Vallejo Way, 2787 Portola Way, 3301 Mckinley Boulevard, 3732 38th Street, 4956 Virginia Way, and another at 6200 28th Avenue. A $142,000 ADU was filed for an anonymous address in Sacramento.

Plans for a new 1,735 square foot house at 2477 Empress Street were filed. Permits have also been filed for a new 1,550 square foot single-story house with a detached 458 square foot garage at 3300 24th Avenue, and a 1,525 square foot home with over 400 square foot garage at 3941 Ivy Street. Permits have been filed for eight two-story three-bedroom single-family houses yielding over 2,000 square feet at 2852, 2860, 2868, and 2876 Honey Opal Avenue, as well as 2853, 2861, 2869 Bathford Street and 181 Bywell Bridge Circle.

Sonoma County

Additional Dwelling Units: 2
Single Family Dwellings: 1

Permits have been filed for a new ADU at 142 Wembley Court, Santa Rosa. 4500 Old Redwood Highway has filed for a full single-family building along with an ADU. The permits both explain their purpose as being a consequence of the 2017 Sonoma Complex Fire. Sonoma County

Marin County

Additional Dwelling Units: 1
Single Family Dwellings: 1

Permits have been filed for a new single-family house with attached ADU and detached three-car garage at 124 South Dream Farm Road, Inverness. The two-unit permit projects the construction project will cost $1,200,000.

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