Construction Underway At 1666 7th Street In West Oakland

1666 7th Street1666 7th Street via MWA Architects

Construction is underway for a mixed-use project proposed at 1666 7th Street in West Oakland, Oakland. The project proposal includes the development of a five-story building offering affordable housing and retail space.

Oakland & the World Enterprises is the project sponsor, led by OAW’s CEO and former Black Panther Party chairwoman, Elaine Brown. MWA Architects is responsible for the design.

Named 7th & Campbell, permits were filed last year to develop the five-story mixed-use building. The project brings 79 residential units, all set aside as affordable housing units for extremest low-income households, earning between 0-30% of the area’s median income.

1666 7th Street, image by YIMBY tipster

1666 7th Street, image by YIMBY tipster

Once complete, the building facade will rise to a height of 58 feet. The building will yield a total built-up area of 76,290 square feet, creating 48,420 square feet for residential use and 9,000 square feet of common open space, along with 16,750 square feet of commercial area producing a gym, grocery store, restaurant, and incubator business space. Of the 79 units, 23 will be studios, 24 will be one-bedroom units, and 32 will be two-bedroom units. Parking will be included for 10-18 vehicles with stackers and 90 bicycles. West Oakland Farms is slated to move into the second level of the complex, selling produce inside the proposed ground-floor grocery store and restaurant.

1666 7th Street seen from BART, image by YIMBY tipster

1666 7th Street seen from BART, image by YIMBY tipster

The structure is expected to have a nearly net-zero energy footprint, aided by 16,000 square feet of rooftop solar panels. The project was also reduced in height by a full floor by removing a significant quantity of parking.

The site sits across the elevated tracks leading to West Oakland Bart. The transit station will be six minutes away on foot.

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5 Comments on "Construction Underway At 1666 7th Street In West Oakland"

  1. Matt in Oakland | December 22, 2022 at 9:59 am | Reply

    It’s really bad planning to keep approving 100% subsidized, 100% “affordable” housing projects in the same areas over and over. Some Oaklanders think we’re going to replace capitalism on our own, one housing project and one city ordinance at a time. Well, that’s ignorant, foolish and most importantly, contradicts all the research. It’s horrifying that so many “progressive” Oaklanders idealize the Russian housing production model (probably mainly cuz they slaughtered their monarchs first) vs Denmark where market rate housing and transit amenities are leveraged to pay for the inclusion of income restricted housing. Building resource intensive ghetto’s is not progress, it’s just racking up a bill that’s forever paid for by future generations.

    • There’s over 3000 units of market/affordable approved next to West Oakland BART. Investors are not interested until the neighborhood improves more. No one wants to take the risk.

    • Matt, I live right here. Please read up on this topic before making such outlandish claims. Oakland has approved both market rate, partial affordable and fully affordable housing.

      We desperately need more housing in the Bay Area at all income levels. Stop NIMBYing housing because it isn’t the type of housing you want.

  2. Although this is the second attempt by the primary principal at this site, I think it’s great to see a project advance through the usual entitlement hurdles unabated by any environmental protection hustle, political interference and receive so much funding by the City to do so, for a second time.
    In the early 2000’s, millions was provided to the City for this development. When that failed, one of the West Oakland Project Area Committee’s recommendations was for the City to purchase this site, within the “7th Street Historic District” using redevelopment money for a “Market Rate Residential” site. 
    Although the City finally purchased the site, they failed to honor the “Market Rate Residential” recommendation.
    During 500 Kirkham’s entitlement circuit, I remember hearing from those affordable housing residents nearby in a meeting how they did not anymore affordable housing. They spoke about how this was a cause for the lack of attraction by retail and market rate investment.
    Also, I remember a study was conducted and revealed over 4000+ affordable housing units within a 1 mile radius, which doesn’t include the rent of residential units subsidized by the state/federal agencies including “Section 8.”
    The Mandela Apartments originally was planned to have retail, market and a pharmacy and continue to struggle with the attraction of any investment in its retail spaces, other than the heavily subsidized Mandela Foods.
    Despite all the above, I wish this project well.

  3. Im trying to get on the waiting list for the apartments on 7th street please 🙏 contact me at my number 4153043912 are my email please thank you so much my name is shamoni Downs

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