New Net Zero Affordable Community Under Construction In Santa Rosa

Mahonia GlenMahonia Glen via PYATOK

A new affordable housing community is under construction in Santa Rosa. The project proposal includes the development of a large-scale residential community offering 99 units at affordable rates designed within nine buildings. The project replaced a former nursery on the site.

Nonprofit MidPen Housing Corporation is the project developer. PYATOK Architecture + Design is responsible for the designs.

Mahonia Glen Santa Rosa

Mahonia Glen Santa Rosa via PYATOK

The project site is a large parcel spanning an area of 4.75 acres. Named Mahonia Glen, the affordable residential community will yield a total built-up area of 81,000 square feet across nine buildings, offering 99 family units at affordable rates. The campus-style development respects the site’s natural features and creates a community organized around common open space. At the heart of the campus, a clubhouse collocates administrative and service offices, laundry and mail, an activities room, and a kitchen-equipped community room that opens onto a patio, playground, and central green.

Plans showcase that the housing development will successfully leverage attainable design strategies to achieve Net-Zero energy performance upon completion. The project implements a combination of proactive design decisions, commitment to efficient design, and construction. The nine buildings create a asymmetrical roof form, maximizing space and orientation for its photovoltaic (PV) array. The three-story walk-up format using open-air stairs helps minimize construction complexity and avoid the need for energy-intensive elevators. This format also allows for more resident control, enabling the mechanical systems to serve as an important but secondary tool for resident comfort. As reported by PYATOK, coordination with the mechanical system and plumbing system designs ensured no conflicts with rooftop solar. Other highly-attainable energy-efficient measures include the incorporation of induction cooktops, orientation-specific glazing, and a combination of mini-split heat pumps and through-wall heat pumps.

Mahonia Glen View

Mahonia Glen View via PYATOK

A natural color palette, material variation, projecting porches, and bay windows contribute to a comfortable scale and meet the City’s Objective Design Standards.

The project site is located across the St. Francis Shopping Center at the intersection of CA-12 and Calistoga Road. The project is currently under construction, with completion anticipated in August 2024.

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7 Comments on "New Net Zero Affordable Community Under Construction In Santa Rosa"

  1. I like this development and it’s obviously an above-average development in terms of climate friendliness but God does it suffer from that same Bay Area or even California mindset.

    “Guys we included highly efficient induction stoves and solar panels in every home. By the way, feel free to get in your 3000 pound vehicle parked out front and drive a mile to the nearest bar down a literal highway”

    Transportation is now the single largest source of emissions in California. Until we start building our cities around active and public transportation there will be absolutely no way to achieve net zero emissions

    • I hear you but there’s a grocery store across the street and an elementary school up the road, might be actually safe for kids to walk or bike there. So at least that’s something.

  2. When are the apartments going to be ready, I am interested in 1 bedroom

  3. Debra Vandergriend | July 28, 2023 at 8:23 am | Reply

    Where can we get on the wait list? Are going be taking section 8. First floor for physically disabled

  4. Looks like a well designed project overall, but they should probably plan for some parking lot solar canopies +stationary storage batteries +Vehicle-2-Grid chargers if they’re serious about addressing heat island effects & creating a real future-proof micro grid. IRA tax incentives might help pay for that.

  5. Iam interested in the santa rosa apartments

  6. I have many reasons why I think it’s a joke.
    Let’s see how long before the 1st death at that corner.
    Traffic will be more of a nightmare.
    And a fire oh that will be fun.
    It’s funny how some say it’s green and net zero. FYI gas and diesel is building it.
    And I see so many struggling with bills and houses.
    The vast majority actually are tired of paying for pretty places. You want homes. Build simple homes. The more simple the more you can build.
    But oh wait it’s CA. Each unit is 500k plus
    I actually know several who says ye ha. But behind doors they hated it.
    I’m not against housing but the dumb places being picked. Over priced crap.
    Sadly everyone thinks no money will be made. Lmao.
    It’s all about money. And remember you and me are paying for all these overpriced ca traps

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