495 West San Carlos Street

Marriott TowneSuites Hotel at 495 West San Carlos Street, rendering by BDE Architecture

Vertical Construction Imminent for Keystone Marriott by Diridon Station, San Jose

Urban Catalyst is preparing for vertical construction on Keystone, their extended-stay hotel at 495 West San Carlos Street in San Jose by Diridon Station. The eight-story Marriott TowneSuites Hotel is the only of its type under construction in the city, responding to demand from the city’s construction industry, conferences, and concerts. Completion is expected by 2025.

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495 West San Carlos Street, design by Studio Current

Meeting Scheduled For a Marriot Hotel At 495 West San Carlos Street, Diridon, San Jose

The San Jose planning department is scheduled to review the draft supplemental environmental impact report (SEIR) for a proposed Marriott Hotel at 495 West San Carlos Street in Diridon, San Jose. A Site Development Permit has been submitted seeking the demolition of three residential units, a water tank building, and three commercial buildings. Urban Catalyst is the project developer. Studio Current is responsible for the design concepts and construction. The hotel will feature landscaped areas designed by Kimley Horn

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