New Plans for Pier 30-32 along San Francisco Waterfront

Piers 30-32 southeast view with docked cruise ship, rendering by Steelblue courtesy StradaPiers 30-32 southeast view with docked cruise ship, rendering by Steelblue courtesy Strada

New plans have been presented to the SF Port to redevelop Piers 30 and 32 along the Embarcadero. The updated proposal reduces the space with a new focus on retail and recreation, including a market hall, kayak launch, and a more prominent floating pool barge. Strada Investment Group and Trammell Crow are responsible for the development.

Piers 30-32 ground level site map, illustration via project presentation

Piers 30-32 ground level site map, illustration via project presentation

Pier 30-32 development plans, map by Strada and Trammell Crow

Pier 30-32 initial development plans, map by Strada and Trammell Crow

Piers 30-32 floating pool, rendering by Steelblue

Piers 30-32 floating pool, rendering by Steelblue

Much of the proposal is similar to what was first revealed in 2020. Plans for housing on the surface parking lot across the Embarcadero remain in some of the new illustrations, though not in the realistic renderings. The floating pool and kayak launch have been retained, as will the deep east berth for cruise ship landings.

The most striking difference with the new proposal is the absence of a rebuilt Pier 30. Pier 32 will be rebuilt, with a long narrow office building surrounded by the landscaped pedestrian pathway. The floating pool barge will take the place of Pier 30, including a lap pool, hot tub, faux beach area, cafe, diving platform into the bay, and kayak launch.

Piers 30-32 overview looking southwest, rendering by Steelblue courtesy Strada

Piers 30-32 overview looking southwest, rendering by Steelblue courtesy Strada

Piers 30-32 pedestrian view of the Aquatic entrance, rendering by Steelblue courtesy Strada

Piers 30-32 pedestrian view of the Aquatic entrance, rendering by Steelblue courtesy Strada

A new Market Hall facing the Embarcedero is the most significant programming addition to the plans by Strada and Trammell, offering a dense multi-level retail hub activating an area with heavy foot traffic. The market will be capped with an open-air terrace with commanding views of the Bay Bridge.

Grimshaw Architects is responsible for the design. The famed James Corner Field Operations, best known for the wildly successful High Line park in New York City, is responsible for landscape architecture. Recently, the firm saw the opening of its design at the Presidio Tunnel Tops Parks along San Francisco’s northern waterfront.

Piers 30-32 original design iteration, rendering by Steelblue

Piers 30-32 original design iteration, rendering by Steelblue

Following the informational meeting with the San Francisco Port’s Northern Advisory Committee, Strada and Trammell are expected to return for the January meeting next year to discuss updated plans for Seawall 330.

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30 Comments on "New Plans for Pier 30-32 along San Francisco Waterfront"

  1. Beautiful, do it ‼️

  2. Love the plans for an outdoor pool! It makes so much sense!

  3. Yes let’s put a giant pin pool in a freezing cold windy bay. Heating it would cost an enormous amount.
    Also, south beach struggles to lease commercial spaces at the best of time.

    We don’t want this! The city needs more green spaces and parks.

  4. What about all the parking they are removing?

  5. I like it, but I think I liked the original plans better. What actually happens is yet to be seen. They have had so many plans it seems for that sight. Who will be able to use the pool everyone? Will it be heated? Is it going to be affordable or is it going to be EXCLUSIVE? I would like to use the hot tub, how many people can be in it at one time? The Faux beach might be crowded.

    I have a feeling they are selling the idea that it will be a great public asset but it will actually be for only those who can pay a lot of money to use it. For example – They build a new stadium and they have to pay for it so the price of tickets become unaffordable.

  6. An outdoor pool in SF makes a lot of sense ? I guess Strada has South Beach confused with the South of France ..

  7. looks like anyone who is not a cheerleader of this project doesn’t get to post

  8. Love the design … its wonderful .. just what South Beach needs .. more office space

  9. … one slight problem … private office space is not allowed on public trust property… the piers which are held in public trust have been granted to the City of San Francisco by the State of California to support “maritime commerce, navigation, and fisheries,” to protect natural and cultural resources, ” …
    the piers belong to the people of CA and were not transferred to the City of SF to enrich private equity

    • KELLY BARRINGTON | August 10, 2023 at 1:13 pm | Reply

      Enough!!! The 1849 Gold Rush was a phenomenon that turned a small hamlet into a world class city. Now greedy 2023 gold diggers plan to destroy the essence of San Francisco – our gorgeous vistas. Stop the development of our famed Embarcadero.

  10. What about Reds Java house…

    • Reds will be replaced by the “Aquatic Facility” , essentially a changing room for changing into swimwear, before freezing in bay water or by the pool.

  11. Good point. What about Reds Java house. Hi dive also. It would be nice to have some kind of parking structure too. Otherwise it looks great if it’s affordable.

  12. Y’a think Strada cares about Red’s or about preserving the South Beach historic maritime district ?

  13. Perot Conservative | November 27, 2022 at 8:24 am | Reply

    How are they going to provide a bit of privacy, and security? What prevents a homeless person from walking down the path and jumping in the pool? Is this going to be part of a health club? Does the smaller square building have showers and lockers? Might be great for about 3 months, maybe 5 hours a day.

  14. Reds will be history, just like any remnants of the historic district in which it resides

  15. ..corporate welfare at its worst .. taking from the people to give to private equity & big corporations ..

  16. this is just great … private equity firm Strada founded by ex-city insiders are “awarded” the contract by the Port SF, to build trophy office space for big tech causing irreparable harm to the waterfront, (with a pool thrown in on floated barge ) , whilst 25% of office space in SF lies empty and derelict .. good job !

    • This needs to go to the ballot to let the people decide what they want for their priceless waterfront, .. a large open park & open space to showcase the priceless unparalleled panoramic views as proposed by Vornado, or more unwanted office space with a pool thrown in to appease the BCDC & for diehard enthusiasts willing to brave the weather.

  17. Yes, .. instead of deals with ex-city insiders behind closed doors let the people decide .. sunlight is the best disinfectant

  18. This must be joke …. throwing out a few bouys into the water, then inviting the public the throw themselves into the bay, counting the frigid water as part of the “public open space” … they must be “having us on” ….

    • The Strada board must be having a good chuckle. This saves the cost of actually rehabilitating the piers. It’s like tearing down half the pier and building a steel mill on the other half , and then claiming that 50% is open public space.

  19. The floating barge , a non permanent structure, is very convenient .. the pool, where no no formal study been carried out to ascertain demand , can easily be removed and replaced with even more trophy office space for big tech, once it becomes an eyesore and a liability

    • The pool looks more like a perk for the office workers .. not only making the office space more valuable, but also offering a “convenient playground” to work out during lunchtime, paid for by gov grants to the “non-profit” operating the pool … not much public trust use there

  20. This is a con job. …. what would you rather see when walking along the Embarcadero , majestic views of the Bay Bridge and wide open gorgeous views across the bay, or views of the “Aquatic Center” also known as a locker room, and a food court hiding a massive amount of office space occupying prime space over the water.

  21. We should know how much the developer is paying for that prime real estate, or is public property being given away for free ?

  22. This project will actively encourage the public to throw themselves into the bay ?

    December 29th, 2023.
    San Francisco’s bravest dove into action Thursday evening, saving a person who intentionally plunged into Bay waters next to Piers 30-32
    The individual, now rescued, is under the SFFD Emergency Medical Services’ care, ensuring that those pulled from the brink receive the immediate care they necessitate.

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