Housing Approved for 930 Oddstad Boulevard in Pacifica, San Mateo County

Pacifica Housing project, rendering by Seidel and BDEPacifica Housing project, rendering by Seidel and BDE

New plans have been approved by the City Council for low-density housing at 930 Oddstad Boulevard in Pacifica, San Mateo County. The plan will replace a long-closed elementary school with 70 homes, including eleven affordable housing units. Brookwood Equities is the project applicant.

Pacifica Housing project landscaping map, illustration by Seidel and BDE

Pacifica Housing project landscaping map, illustration by Seidel and BDE

The development will span 7.5 acres with nine buildings. There will be 44 apartment units and 26 townhome residences. 11 units will be designated affordable housing for low- and moderate-income households. The apartment sizes will vary, with 31 one-bedrooms, 29 two-bedrooms, and ten three-bedroom homes. Parking will be included for 142 cars and 42 bicycles. The project will build around 49,200 square feet for housing on the 325,479 square feet on lots 2 and 3.

Pacifica Housing project building elevations, rendering by Seidel and BDE

Pacifica Housing project building elevations, rendering by Seidel and BDE

Seidel Architects and BDE Architecture are collaborating on the craftsman-style design. Facade materials will include fiber cement, wide lap siding, and board & batten siding. Asphalt shingle roofing will cap each building. Site amenities will include a community center, a 900-square-foot office, and plenty of landscaped open space. Jett is responsible for the landscape architecture.

Vehicular entry to the site will be created with an internal driveway connected to Oddstad Boulevard. The property is located by Frontierland Park, on the eastern edge of the city. Residents will be thirty minutes away from San Pedro Beach via public transit or 20 minutes via bicycle.

Pacifica Housing project site, image via Google Satellite

Pacifica Housing project site, image via Google Satellite

The existing Oddstad School was a part of the Pacifica School District from 1964 up through 2005. The district closed the facilities due to a declining school-age population in the area.

Construction is expected to last around 12-15 months, spread across two phases. The first phase will create four buildings with 45 homes, and the second phase of work will create 25 homes across three buildings.

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8 Comments on "Housing Approved for 930 Oddstad Boulevard in Pacifica, San Mateo County"

  1. Looks like a home for cars.

  2. YIMBY admins eat boogers | May 2, 2023 at 2:02 pm | Reply

    Thanks for ruining a other small community Yimby zealots. May your construction suffer setbacks. What an ugly choice. People pay good money to live in the back of the valley.

    • Im happy your company has finally thought about Us, hard working, some single parents who have tried endlessly to purchase a great home in a decent area without pushing us out. We deserve the best as well. I work 3 jobs, single parent trying to purchase a home. I have a Bachelor’s Degree student loans killing me and preventing me from purchasing so why shouldn’t my family be allowed the opportunities as well. Its so sad how people are so selfish. I been a tenant in Pacifica for 19 years, its time for me to own property affordable to me right here. Thank you also can i design some properties

      • Get a 4th job | May 3, 2023 at 7:45 pm | Reply

        All of your labels are a result of your own doing, Sharonda. No one forced you to take on student loans and you are relying on the pity of other members of the community, maybe it’s time to pack up and go to Oakland. And I’m laughing at you assuming as a tenant you can design properties, that tells me everything I need to know about your understanding regarding development. It’s a wonder you’ve never been a home owner.

  3. Disappointing, to say the least. Only 11 units for low -moderate incomes? I thought it was to be teacher housing, so that we could retain good teachers in our city. Those other, higher-rate units negate the purpose of the project. We don’t need more AirBnBs. Sad. More traffic…for what? 11 units. Ugh.

  4. Yes, very disappointing 11 units.. we dont need apartments we need townhouses. Thanks for helping and i sure hope this help us the 1% that do not make millions or can not save millions for down payments. We are trying hard. We didnt get any free ride. No family home left to me. I need a job with you al, im willing to work for my home. I want to become an Architect.

  5. I was raised here. My hone i grew up in is over a million
    I think apartment life .is not much/ should be done away with. ! Townhouses affordable houses are what people want/ need. I noticed in these projects 3 were affordable out of 11? Most of us us can’t get a sizeable payment even if we have income qualified because the market keeps going up..? There were very few townhouses to apartments..please build more affordable homes thank you for everyone ~

  6. I was just walking this site, wondering why the city is holding on to a derelict elementary school and a useless parking lot for the last 20 years. Glad to see it’s being put to use, and the proposed development looks effective and appropriate.

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