Vallejo Approves Housing for 5180 Sonoma Boulevard

5180 Sonoma Boulevard aerial view, rendering by TCA5180 Sonoma Boulevard aerial view, rendering by TCA

The City of Vallejo has approved the plans for new housing at 5180 Sonoma Boulevard. The project will add over four hundred new homes to Solano County’s most populous city. Jackson Square Properties is the project developer.

5180 Sonoma Boulevard amenity building view from the parking lot, rendering by TCA

5180 Sonoma Boulevard amenity building view from the parking lot, rendering by TCA

5180 Sonoma Boulevard site map, illustration by TCA

5180 Sonoma Boulevard site map, illustration by TCA

Construction will yield 429 apartments across 11 four-story buildings. Apartment sizes will vary, with 234 one-bedrooms, 165 two-bedrooms, and 30 three-bedrooms. The units will range from 767 to 1,637 square feet of floor area, each with a private balcony or a ground-level patio. All residents will gain access to the central amenity building with a pool deck, lawn, and outdoor seating. Parking will be included for 698 cars and 451 bicycles, owing to the area’s car-oriented planning.

TCA is the project architect, which the project application describes as ‘coastal cottage style.’ Facade materials include stucco, stone veneer, and horizontal lap siding.

5180 Sonoma Boulevard pool deck, rendering by TCA

5180 Sonoma Boulevard pool deck, rendering by TCA

5180 Sonoma Boulevard aerial view, image by Google Satellite

5180 Sonoma Boulevard aerial view, image by Google Satellite

The city published a document stating that the project will not have a significant effect on the environment. Mitigating measures and a reporting plan were adopted as a condition of approval to ensure the project remains compliant with the California Environmental Quality Act, i.e., CEQA.

The 12.6-acre property is bound by Sonoma Boulevard and Lincoln Highway. The city’s urban center is reachable in twenty minutes by bicycle and roughly 30 minutes away by bus. Demolition will be required for the existing big-box retail store. Construction is expected to last around 24 months at a cost of roughly $105 million.

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17 Comments on "Vallejo Approves Housing for 5180 Sonoma Boulevard"

  1. another terrible idea, by the corrupt criminals that run this town. this city is going down fast. it will be the new Oakland of the bay area, that is the goal of the city council who approves these projects. terrible town run by corrupt men who don’t even live in this town. they all live in Fairfield or Concord…not Vallejo.

  2. I WAS INQURIY ON, by anychance they would be affordable living ?

  3. I will be interested in a 2 bedroom apartment. How seen will applications be available. What would rent be. What are requirements.

  4. Will be filled with crime and very dangerous for the people who love there.

  5. Hi I know a few family’s that could benefit from this, if it’s affordable housing. And has community service help in very needed variety of area’s people are facing at this time. With work,school,training,childcare,food bank. Help with financial budgeting And needed safe housing to live in. A help up not a hand out.

  6. I approve of it.
    I think it would be great for the city. We are dealing with a lot of homeyes it would help.

  7. How can I apply and when will be available I need much!!!

  8. how can I apply

  9. They look very nice, I had gotten approved for a 3 bedroom sent in everything they asked me to. Unfortunately no one never got back to me nor do they answer the phones. We were counting on this place .

  10. Are any of these apartments going to ADA? Wheelchair accessibility? Low income? Safe? With all the crime in Vallejo, will they have their own armed/ unarmed security?

  11. Weird how many people are finding this article looking for low income housing. Unfortunately, this is not at all what this project is about. Otherwise they would build housing in low income areas instead of a segregated community far away from job centers…

  12. i spy multiple mediocre 5 over 1 soulless box style modern buildings. Please for the love of god yall have the chance to do something special here. Do not ruin this clean slate by polluting it with that hideous style of building.

    • this comment was meant for the California Forever post. Not sure how i got redirected here immediatly after hitting comment lol

  13. Hi Anthony your comments were intelligent comments
    concern’s are all very real. Do not be sorry. I would propose that we fallow a plan that has worked effectively in the past . Westwood st .used to be affordable in 79 , I know because my brothers sisters and I lived there . There are many many solutions for these despairing human beings to get off the streets and back into comunity. Let’s talk

  14. are these low income/ affordable???? how do we apply???

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