409 South Second Street

300 South 1st Street Hero view, design by James KM Cheng Architects, rendering courtesy Westbank

Renderings for The Orchard from Westbank’s Master Vision for Downtown San Jose

Earlier this month, Westbank released their master vision for five skyline-defining developments across downtown San Jose. Today, we highlight The Orchard, producing two towers at 300 South 1st Street and the third tower at 409 South 2nd Street, called The Orchard Workspace and The Orchard Residential. The Orchard yields over two million square feet combined, producing a campus of offices, housing, retail, and restaurants.

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BoTown Residential, a 29-story housing highrise in downtown San Jose with ground-floor retail at 409 and 425 S. Second St., concept. James K.M. Cheng Architects, Steinberg Hart

New Construction On 409 South Second Street In Downtown San Jose

Development permits have been filed for a new mixed-use building at 409 South Second Street in Downtown San Jose. The proposal includes a housing tower with rooftop amenities that may consist of an infinity pool, all set to sprout at the site of the old Bo Town restaurant in downtown San Jose. BoTown Residential is a 29-story housing high-rise in downtown San Jose with ground-floor retail at 409 and 425 S. Second Street. Concept and design are by James K.M. Cheng Architects and Steinberg Hart.

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