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Park Merced full build-out aerial overview with massings and a view of , rendering by Parkmerced

Project Applications Filed, Meeting Scheduled for Three Buildings in the Parkmerced Masterplan, San Francisco

Three project applications with nearly nine hundred units have been published for buildings in the Parkmerced master plan next to the SFSU campus in San Francisco. The submissions are scheduled to be reviewed during the city’s Planning Commission meeting this Thursday. The informational presentation will allow staff and the public to comment on each project. San Francisco-based Maximus Real Estate Partners is the property owner and development sponsor.

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The Harrison viewed from beside Jasper, image by Andrew Campbell Nelson

Number 23: The Harrison on Rincon Hill, SoMa, San Francisco

The Harrison at 401 Harrison Street is the 23rd tallest skyscraper in the Bay Area planned or built with a rooftop height of 541 feet above street level. The project is the shorter of the two-towered Rincon Hill complex that has redefined the city’s skyline in SoMa, San Francisco. The project has come to define the ascension of Rincon Hill and the East Cut as an extension of high-rise residential development to accommodate the tech boom of the 21st century.

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