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School Expansion Proposed At 2350 Green Street In Cow Hollow, San Francisco

Permits have been filed seeking the approval of the expansion of a school located at 2350 Green Street in Cow Hollow, San Francisco. The project proposal includes the remodeling and additions that will expand the existing building footprint. The project site houses St. Vincent De Paul School, containing the main school building (currently being used as the lower school), a gymnasium, and classroom buildings (currently used as the middle school). The project site is a parcel spanning an area of 37,734 square feet. The project proposal includes the infill of the first floor of the middle school and a new addition, including a new stairway connecting the middle school and the lower school. The middle school will increase in size from 5,972 square feet to 13,650 square feet. Emeryville-based architecture firm Ratcliff is responsible for the design concepts and construction.

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