Stone Beetland site map, image by CBG

Plans Progress for Stone Beetland Masterplan, Sacramento

New permits have been filed for the Stone Beetland development in South Sacramento. The project, which received city council approval in October last year, aims to build 1,163 units across 141 acres of undeveloped land next to the burgeoning Delta Shores neighborhood. Taylor Builders, a Roseville-based developer, is responsible for the property owner.

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California Forever conceptual neighborhood overview, rendering by SITELAB Urban Studio and CMG

YIMBY Interviews California Forever’s Head of Planning

California Forever has made its first substantial step toward building a new city on agricultural land in Solano County. Earlier this week, YIMBY spoke with California Forever’s Head of Planning, Gabriel Metcalf, to discuss the facts of their proposal and the Ballot Initiative. The company, a real estate firm established in Silicon Valley in 2017 with financing from several billionaires, hopes to convince the county voters to create a new city with up to 400,000 residents.

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