Solomon Cordwell Buenz

655 4th Street, illustration by Solomon Cordwell Buenz

New, Slightly Reduced Plans for 655 4th Street in SoMa, San Francisco

Reduced plans have been filed for the two-tower residential proposal at 655 4th Street, located across from the Caltrain Station in SoMa, San Francisco. Since the initial application this summer, the project capacity has shrunk from 1,148 to 1,096 units. Massing for the two towers has also shifted, with one now taller than the other. Architectural details remain undepicted with massing illustrations drafted by Solomon Cordwell Buenz, though the firm has published some revealing comments from the design review findings.

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Town Tower crowning penthouse, rendering by Solomon Cordwell Buenz

New Renderings For Town Tower, Potential Tallest Residential Tower in Oakland

The CIM Group has submitted pre-application documents for a new 46-story residential tower at 325 22nd Street, named Town Tower, in Downtown Oakland. If built today, the project would be the tallest addition to the Alameda County skyline, rising 487 feet tall, well above the current 404-foot Ordway Building. The new plans are a shift away from 2017-era plans by CIM for an office tower at the same location.

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