Articles by Andrew Nelson

1026 Cotton Street, illustration via project application

Nabr Proposed Six-Story Apartments at 1026 Cotton Street, East Peralta, Oakland

Preliminary permits have been filed for a six-story residential project at 1026 Cotton Street along the Oakland waterfront neighborhood of East Peralta. The project will replace a vacant restaurant and surface parking with 105 homes. Nabr, the same developer behind the high-profile three-towered residential project in San Jose designed by BIG, is responsible for the application.

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3 Transamerica planned additions along Washington Street, rendering by Foster + Partners

Futuristic Foster + Partners Design For 3 Transamerica in Financial District, San Francisco

New renderings have been published for the renovations of 3 Transamerica for the Transamerica Complex redevelopment by SHVO in San Francisco’s Financial District. The project will double the structure’s height and floor capacity, partially reskin the building with a futuristic design by Foster + Partners, and expand the famous Redwood Park. The $400 million master plan includes renovations of the lobby and interiors of the city’s landmark Transamerica Pyramid.

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