7211 Homewood Drive

Permits Filed For A Residence At 7211 Homewood Drive In Oakland

Permits have been filed seeking the approval of a residential project at 7211 Homewood Drive in Oakland. The project proposal includes the development of a single-family house on a vacant lot. Collaborative Design Studio LLC is the property owner and the chief architect responsible for the design concepts. Innodez and Krantz Consultants are also a part of the architecture team.

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600 Castro Street, rendering by LCA Architects

Rendering Revealed for 275-Foot Tower at 600 Castro Street, West Oakland

New illustrations have been revealed with an exploratory planning application for the 24-story residential development at 600 Castro Street in West Oakland. The renderings show the upzoned massing, 190 feet higher than its current zoning for 85 feet. The proposal is yet another beneficiary of California’s State Density Bonus Program, which aims to increase residential development with affordable units for the housing-starved state.

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