1367 University Avenue

Design Review Pending For 1367 University Avenue In Berkeley

Design review is pending for an approved residential project proposed at 1367 University Avenue in Berkeley. The project proposal includes the development of a four-story group living accommodation (GLA) operating as single-room occupancy (SRO) residential hotel on a vacant lot. Trachtenberg Architects is responsible for the design concepts.

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Withdrawn plans for 5801-5861 Christie Avenue main plaza, rendering by IBI Group

New, Shorter Proposal Revealed for Emeryville Site of Once-Planned ‘Tallest Tower in East Bay’

Filed in 2018, plans by Onni Group and IBI Group proposed a 638-foot tall apartment tower and a 16-story office building that would launch Emeryville, a dense city between Berkeley and Oakland, into the Bay Area’s skyline. Eventually, plans for the tower were withdrawn in 2020. Now, a new developer expects to build at 5801-5861 Christie Avenue, but with a significantly reduced profile.

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